Our Work

Coding + Friends = Fun


Our Work

Coding + Friends = Fun

uCodeGirl makes learning technology age-appropriate, fun, and accessible through year-round programs.

"What did I like about uCodeGirl’s summer camp?...Everything!" - Zoe

"What did I like about uCodeGirl’s summer camp?...Everything!" - Zoe

As pre-teen/teenager I was interested in robotics, engineering and technology, but there were few opportunities where girls were made to feel welcomed. 

The idea behind uCodeGirl is very exciting to me, and I am glad that young girls are being given space and opportunity to participate in activities such as coding.
— Katie Twedell, Project Manager, Flint Group

Inspire. Innovate. Lead.

uCodeGirl offers the following key program opportunities for girls ages 10-18. 

STEM Mentorship

October - May | Fargo-Moorhead Area

Summer Tech Camp

June - July | barry hall NDSU


October - February | Fargo-Moorhead Area

I was nervous at first because I was the youngest in the class. When I got home, I taught my older sister and mom how to code. Now I use what I learned at uCodeGirl every week. I discovered my passion for coding.
— Abby, 6th Grade

STEM Mentorship

STEM Mentorship

Our STEM Mentorship brings together local female industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders in STEM and their teen mentees to facilitate one-on-one mentoring relationships and provide substantive, skill-based programs and networking opportunities for both mentors and mentees. 

Through STEM-focused events throughout the school year, STEM mentorship supports students’ pursuit of their academic and career aspirations and surrounds them with a community of integral resources and relatable role-models.

The mentorship program is recommended for girls ages 12-17, and registration opens up near the start of the academic year.

If you are interested in becoming a STEM mentor, we cordially invite you to Get Involved!

A mentor is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.
— John C. Crosby

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Stem Mentorship Timeline


STEM Mentorship Kick-Off

Are YOU future ready?

Career Exploration & Discussions


The Joy of being in Virtual Reality!

Experiential Hands-on Learning

The Entrepreneur in YOU - Keynote & Discussions


Holiday Networking


Speed Geek-ing - Round Table Ideas Exchange

Experiential Hands-on Learning

The Leader YOU can be in Medical Field


For HER it is Rocket Science, the NASA Engineer 

Keynote and Discussions


Drone Technology, Nano Technology, Aerospace Engineering, Medical Technologies, Crime Scene Investigation, Autonomous Vehicle Technology, Smart Bots, Robotics.  Oh, my! 


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Summer Tech Camp

Summer Tech Camp

Summer tech camp for girls like NO other!

Come as you are, and have fun exploring, coding, & making friends.

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Our summer tech camp provides girls with project-based, hands-on experience with technology that inspires creativity, fosters collaboration, sharpens communication, and cultivates critical thinking.  Different camp sessions allow young girls to choose their own adventures when it comes to their tech treks!

When you register for a uCodeGirl summer tech camp, you will be part of the uCodeGirl community: a community of like-minded girls, inspiring female role models/mentors, and a rich collection of programs & activities offered throughout the year.  


2019 Camp Sessions

June 24 - 28 | 8AM - 5PM


Grades 4-6

Tour de Tech

Grades 7-9, 10-12


Grades 7-9, 10-12


Limited scholarships available. 

I love being part of uCodeGirl! I want to increase the number of computer scientists by one.
— Amanda




Technology + Entrepreneurship = TechPreneurship

Being a catalyst for an entrepreneurial mindset is one of uCodeGirl’s missions. Through problem-based experiential learning using fundamental design principles and the Engineering Design Process, young girls explore solutions to real-world community problems in TechPreneurship.  

Running October through February, this program helps them in building a pathway to a career in technology (or add value to their skill repository for another career path!) through real-world exposure and continuous collaboration with community technology companies and institutions committed to higher education.

Take a peek below at one of the past projects our girls completed: StudySaver!

The uCodeGirl Nerds.jpg

StudySaver: An Exercise in Problem Solving

Participants met once a week from October to February 2018 on Sunday afternoons for two hours at a time to brainstorm and identify a problem in their community affecting their age group. Together, the team of girls generated ideas, categorized their ideas into common themes, voted on the ideas, put together survey questions for their top three ideas, and asked their peers in the community for input.

The premise of collaboration and the rules of engagement during brainstorming were as follows:

  • No idea is a bad idea

  • Every student's voice counts

  • Work is always distributed evenly among the team members

  • We listen to understand

The girls divided tasks at each step of the process and supported each other in researching, communicating, designing, planning and prototyping. 


Students struggle with staying organized and keeping track of homework or tests, leading to anxiety. The target age group is teenage students.


Alleviating stress and anxiety in teenage students that arise from over-scheduled activities, unorganized time management, and missed assignments through StudySaver.


Product: StudySaver